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I have always loved you.

I love you with the fury of a hurricane, the relentlessness of the sea, the boundlessness of the sky. My love is wider and deeper and fuller than you can imagine. It is like no other love you’ve ever known – I love you because you were made to be loved by me, not because I need something from you.

It doesn’t matter what you’ve done or where you’ve been, my love for you will never run out or give up on you. I know the things that hurt you, and I know the mistakes you’ve made. I see the hunger for my love that you can’t satisfy with anything else. I know the emptiness you feel without me. I am able – if you are willing – to rewrite that story.

What if I’m real? What if I am the source of your life and the hope of your future?

Could you put aside what you think you know about me and consider what I have to say? Abandon your fears and prejudices for just a moment – because if I am who I say I am, you can’t afford to miss me. I dare you to open your heart just a crack, to hear my story that is your story.

Do you dare look again?

Hear God's story ➝