Following Jesus

If you believe in me and you want to invite me into your life to radically re-create you, then tell me. The actual words don’t matter – it’s what you mean by those words. You could say something like this:

God, I’m giving you my life. I want your life instead, your way of living. I’m giving up my sin and I accept the new life you gave me through the death and resurrection of Jesus. Please give me your Spirit to live in me and transform me. Thank you.

If you’ve welcomed me into your life and asked me to transform you, you have been made right with me. You’ve been totally forgiven and set free from sin! You are now my child, and you can know that your future in this life and beyond rests in my perfect plans. 

But if you leave it at that, it would be like owning a palace but living in a dog kennel. I have amazing plans for you, starting now. You don’t have to wait until you die to start living in my goodness. I want to make the world around you new through making you new. My abundant life is yours, but it is much bigger than you. 

You can let me shape your life by simply by communicating with me – let's talk, all the time and about everything (called prayer), and you can read my message to you in the Bible (which you can read online here).